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      Welcome to China Alumni In Sweden Reception 2023!

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      Dear Alumni,


      Warm greetings from Embassy of China in Sweden!

      We are planning to host a reunion reception recently for Swedish residents who studied in China before, and it gives us immense pleasure to invite you to this event. 

      Here you could:

        Relive and share the memories created during your study time in China,

        Make new friends with alumni with the same experiences,

        Acquire latest news and potential opportunities about China,

        as well as enjoy delicious Chinese food.


      Date:The exact date to be determined

      Venue:China Cultural Center, Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, 111 53 Stockholm

      Dress:Business casual


      Kindly confirm your intention to participate through e-mail latest by 15th March, with the confirmation form of participation intention(attachment) filled in. If you have already known this news and sent us a confirmation email before, there is no need to send another one.

      After the date settled down, we will send you a formal invitation with the confirmed date and Event Agenda for this reception. Please check your e-mail in time.

      Feel free to forward this invitation to all your friends with study experiences in China and make this reunion as a memorable one.


      For any further details please contact:

      Education and Culture Section,  Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden 

      E-mail: info@lxgz.org.cn   or   studeraikina@lxgz.org.cn

      Tel:  +46 857936443


      Looking forward to your early reply.


      Best regards,

      Education and Culture Section, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Sweden


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